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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Meeting the "names" in mystery

I've been fortunate to meet several mystery writers, some rather well-known ones. Two very important ones live here in Oklahoma: William Bernhardt and Carolyn Hart. Each writes completely different types of books, but I enjoy reading both types because each author is a good writer. Both know how to draw the reader into the middle of their stories. I have books signed by both in my personal library.

Another writer that I admire and have had the privilege of meeting is Tony Hillerman, who's originally from Oklahoma. Hearing that he's not in good health, seeing some years ago that he wasn't, is such a loss to the writing world. I would so enjoy attending his writing conference, now run by his wife, just to be able possibly to visit with him again. I have a special autograph from him: He never put sex in his book, and he recognized another "prude," as someone called him.

J. A. Jance was the keynote speaker at the OWFI 2008 Conference. We visited by email before the conference and in person at the conference. I own several books signed by her, but I didn't take all my J. A. Jance books for her autograph since I own almost every one she wrote.

What other "names" would I like to meet? Anne Perry, but since she's in the UK, that's not likely; Brian L. Porter, another UK resident, but I "meet" him online quite often; and others, but some no longer live.

Some day I hope to find the name Vivian Zabel among some of the better known mystery writers ... some day.

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Dana Fredsti said...

Meeting other writers, especially ones who influenced my own writing, has been one of the best things about getting published and joining SinC et al.